Abigail Remsburg
Class of 2016
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Palm City, Florida

I am excited to work along side my Pi Phi sisters as a brand new executive board and to collaborate with the entire Panhellenic community this coming year. Some of my favorite things to do through Pi Beta Phi are going on sisterhood trips and playing all of our intramural sports teams. In my free time I enjoy being outside and exercising. One of the best decisions I have made here at the University of Florida, was deciding to go through recruitment. The wonderful women of Pi Phi have helped me become the best version of myself. I have only been a Pi Beta Phi for a year and I have already made lifelong friendships, created unforgettable memories, and have had numerous opportunities to get involved. But the most important thing I have taken away from this past year are the sisters that I will cherish for life!

Savannah Wrye
Vice President of Member Development

Class of 2017

Major: Food Science & Human Nutrition

Hometown: Wellington, Florida

Hey, I’m Savannah! I am the new Vice President of Member Development. I’m so excited to be serving on the executive board and giving back to a chapter that has already given me so much. Outside of Pi Phi, I am a sophomore studying Nutrition in hopes of attending Dental school after undergrad. When I’m not studying, I like to work out, watch movies, and find new and fun things to do around Gainesville! Becoming a Pi Phi has provided me with such a rewarding college experience and I can’t wait to share that with the newest pledge class. I’m counting down the days until I get to meet PC ’15!!

IMG_7649Ariana Aragon

Vice President of Finance
Class of 2016

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Hey, I’m Ariana! I am a 3rd year Business Administration major with a specialization in Sustainability and a passion for travel and music. When I am not at Pi Phi you can find me biking to the farmer’s market, dancing downtown, napping on my tapestry, reading, or attending the next big music festival. I also am involved with CAIRES (The Center of Adaptation, Innovation, Resilience, and Ethics), TEDxUF, Gator Freethought and independent sustainability research. After graduation I plan on teaching English in Spain and traveling to as many places as I can. Even when I’m across the world I know that my Pi Phi sisters will always be a part of my life and that my experience on the executive board and as a member of this chapter will positively impact my future.

IMG_7630Sarah Pupillo

Vice President of Membership
Class of 2017

Major: ProTeach

Hometown: Plant City, Florida

Hi friends! I’m Sarah a sophomore ProTeach major from Plant City, Florida. I’m a Gator Growl staff member, an Assistant Supervisor of Elections, part-time employee, and previous ritual committee and the event planning committee member. I love Valencia orange refreshers and attending music festivals. I am so excited to serve this chapter and my sisters, as they have given me so much happiness and support throughout my college experience. I love calling Pi Beta Phi my home because I can truly be myself here.

IMG_7658Julia Leal
Vice President of Administration
Class of 2016
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida

Hi, I’m Julia! I could not be more excited to be the Vice President of Administration for the Florida Delta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi! Pi Phi has given me, not only the greatest sisterhood and friendships I could have asked for, but also numerous opportunities that I may not have otherwise encountered. I chose to be an executive member as a way to give back to a chapter that has given me so much. Some of my greatest loves include Dachshunds, sushi, watching The Office, lipstick, redecorating, and, most importantly, my sisters. Outside of Pi Phi, I am a captain for Dance Marathon at the University of Florida (#FTK)! Being in Pi Phi has been the most amazing experience and I’m counting down the days until I meet the 2015 pledge class and help them have an amazing experience too!

Melanie IzquierdoIMG_7624
Vice President of Event Planning
Class of 2017 
Major: Management on a Pre-Med Track
Hometown: Palm Harbor, Florida

Hi! I’m Melanie Izquierdo and I am the Vice President of Event Planning for Pi Beta Phi. I absolutely love my new position. This is my second year in Pi Phi and I am so happy to be able to contribute to something that has meant so much to me and has enriched my college experience more than I could have ever imagined it would. My interests are truly all over the place, but my greatest passions are traveling, anything that has to do with the beach and water, sushi, and working out. I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring the Florida Delt a chapter, and I’m excited to start planning fun events that the chapter will be excited to attend. More than anything though, I’m excited to welcome the future New Member Class of 2015!

IMG_7696Kristy Poter
Vice President of Fraternity Development
Class of 2016

Major: Information Systems and Management
Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Hi! I’m Kristy Poter and I am the new Vice President of Fraternity Development. I am a third year double major of information systems and management with a minor in entrepreneurship. I am also the current sweetheart of Kappa Phi Epsilon. I am a churro, queso, and Jeep enthusiast. My favorite hobbies include going to the beach, watching Say Yes to the Dress, and going off-roading in my Jeep. I am excited to serve as the Vice President of Fraternity Development because I get to facilitate the initiation, which is one of the most special times for the chapter and the new pledge class. My hope for Pi Phi’s future is that it continues to be a sisterhood centered on the love and support of each other.

IMG_7636Kayla Dub
Vice President of Housing
Class of 2017

Major: Food Science and Human Nutrition
Hometown: Clearwater, Florida

Hi, I’m Kayla Dub and I am the Vice President of Housing at the Florida Delta chapter of Pi Beta Phi.  Pi Phi has given me so many opportunities and rewarding experiences, and now I feel it is my time to give back to such a boundless chapter. I am a Pi Beta Phi legacy through my older sister and I think it is so special to be able share our Pi Phi memories together.  In my free time I enjoy working out, watching sports, painting my nails, baking, taking bubble baths, and hanging out with my lovely Pi Phi sisters and friends.  My favorite part about Pi Phi, here at the University of Florida, is the fact that our chapter consists of so many dynamic and well-rounded women, and I can’t wait to serve them this year as an officer!

IMG_7669Janna Knapp
Vice President of Communications
Class of 2017
Major: Tourism, Events, and Recreation Management
Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Hi, I’m Janna! I am excited to be the Vice President of Communications this year because it has given me motivation to grow as a person. The responsibility that has been given to me through this position is a true honor. In serving as this position I get to attend all the Panhellenic meetings and get inside information on what is happening within the Greek community. I then delegate this information to the women of our chapter. I also get to write articles for our national magazine, The Arrow, as well as oversee the new updates and expansions of our social media. I could have been more involved my freshman year of college if only I had listened to the VPC at the time. I hope I am able to help portray Pi Phi in a positive light, as well as gain the respect and assistance of my sisters through this position. When I’m not working as VPC, I like to watch black and white movies, go to the beach, and spend Gator game days in the Swamp with my sisters. I love Pi Phi because from day one, it has always allowed me to succeed; socially, as I have met many incredible people, academically, as it has brought me 200 of the most convenient study partners, and developmentally, as in my leadership capabilities after I was elected to become Vice President of Communications.

IMG_7687Jamie Wolfe

Vice President of Philanthropy
Class of 2017

Major: Criminology

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Hi there, I’m Jamie and I am excited to be serving the Florida Delta chapter of Pi Beta Phi! I am in charge of all of the philanthropy events that we host, as well as all the philanthropy events that our sisters participate in. This is my second year in Pi Phi and I am so thankful to be able to call this chapter my home away from home. Among many other things, I enjoy traveling, participating in community service, attending concerts, and making new friends. This past summer I went to Kenya with an organization that my friends and I created in high school called “Theatre On A Mission” taking a theater camp to an orphanage there. I believe that Pi Beta Phi has given me so much and now I want to give back to this chapter.